Emotions behind the planning of a wedding

Here we go: phone calls, messages, chats, meetings, inspections…

Months and months spent in sharing ideas, suggestions, decisions: I tried to stand by you, listening, understanding and actualizing your thoughts.

And now everything’s ready!

I give a quick check. He is waiting for you: he got in by his mother’s arm, excited and happy, he is looking forward to seeing you.

Yes, he’s waiting for you… and here you are!

You look at me, I help you to get off the car, smiling at you and fixing your dress.

Ok, wow! Slowly… you are beautiful. My eyes are looking at you while you are entering.

A quick look at the watch and… perfect! We are perfectly on time.

Is it all as per your wishes?

The ceremony runs smoothly, and I feel moved. Your location is ready to welcome and celebrate you.

I deep down know that the happiness on your smiles will remain in my heart and embossed in my eyes, but I also know that the sense of loss that occurs when a project comes to life will fill my tomorrow.

Every couple takes a little piece of my heart.

Be happy! And good life!